Meet Dr. Sharon Deem

Dr. Sharon L. Deem is a wildlife veterinarian and epidemiologist.  She is board certified in the American College of Zoological Medicine with a professional focus on diseases shared between domestic animals, wildlife, and people, and the impact of environmental change and human interactions on the health of wildlife populations. 

During her veterinary career she has been fortunate to work as a clinician, epidemiologist, and wildlife field veterinarian. Dr. Deem has worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society, Smithsonian National Zoo, Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute, and currently is the director of the Saint Louis Zoo Institute for Conservation Medicine.  

Dr. Deem has conducted conservation and research projects in over 30 countries around the world. She is the author of over 140 referred articles, 27 book chapters, and numerous non-referred papers. Her first book "Introduction to One Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Planetary Health" which she co-authored with Drs. Kelly Lane-deGraaf and Elizabeth Rayhel was published by Wiley Press in January 2019. Visit the link to order your copy

While a passionate love and respect for all animals, Sharon has a special fondness for elephants, turtles and jaguars. Keep reading to learn about her adventures and learnings in conservation and public health and all things wildlife. 

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Dr. Sharon Deem speaks regularly and attends events based around conservation and wildlife frequently. She is available for speaking engagements, press, or general questions.

Living the life of an international veterinarian is not always glamorous, but it sure is interesting. Follow along to see Dr. Deem's adventures on her quest for conservation.